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Physical Education

The Southern Regional Middle School Health and Physical Education Department is dedicated to helping students understand essential wellness concepts and engage in a variety of fitness activities. Students have PE marking periods one and four; students alternate between PE and health marking periods two and three.

Physical education classes focus on overall fitness and wellness, motor skill development and character development. Students have the opportunity to experience a multitude of large group games and sports that emphasize both cooperative and competitive strategies as well as individual activities such as running, circuit training or Tae Bo. Fitness testing at the beginning and end of each year allows students to track their progress in this area. Teachers recognize outstanding effort, cooperation and leadership through the PE Student of the Month program.

Good sportsmanship is emphasized in all activities and each marking period, students are given the responsibility of assessing themselves using a detailed participation rubric. The final rubric score is part of each student's overall grade.

Health classes are taught in a traditional classroom setting during one marking period each year. The classes deal with a wide range of topics important to young adolescents including: self-concept, tolerance, respect, decision-making, goal-setting, puberty, stress management, nutrition, drug/alcohol education, first-aid, human sexuality and abstinence. Cooperative learning activities, group discussions, presentations, and hands-on projects propel students to be active learners in these classes. Specific information regarding health topics can be found in the attached syllabi and curricula.

New Jersey Student Learning Standards - http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/

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