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Contact Information:

Phone:  597-9481  ext. 2046

"A musician must make music,

an aritist must paint, a poet must write,

if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself"

-Abraham Maslow


Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford 2005

click link's worth your 15 minutes.


Courses for 2016-17:

 Film project link to instructions:  FILM ANALYSIS project.docx

Critical Issues in Human Behavior:  Critical Issues is an elective course for upperclassmen with a focus on Psychology and Sociology.  Classes meet in room 2-6.

What do I need for this class? 

 A notebook & folder and an inquisitive mind about the mind.  A three ring binder s required as we use many outside sources.  Bring an open mind and get ready to learn a ton about yourself, what makes you tick, why you do the things you do and how your brain learns.  You will become a professional "people watcher" and much more aware of your surroundings when you are through with this class!


What will I learn about?

***A super interesting class with a good amount of theory followed by a ton of hands on activities and self-exploration.  One of our most popular elective courses****

*How the brain works            *Classical and Operant Conditioning     *Cognitive Dev.

* Sensation and Perception   *Body Language         *Intelligence    

*Traumatic Brain Injury   *Psychological Theory   *Motivation

*Personality Development      *Personality Disorders      *Abnormal Psychology

*Crime and Deviance   *Cultural Diversity   *American Criminal Justice System

*Poverty and Homelessness in America  *Theories of Sociology


  Welcome to Advanced World History!  meet in room 2-6


 World History:  World History is a survey course with a major focus on the development and major events of Western Civilization, a study of World Religions and worldwide government systems.  Class meets in room  2-6.  Unit of study begins with a review of the Middle Ages and Geography and then moves into the Modern Period beginning with the amazing art and literature of the Italian Renaissance.  We will study both historic and modern events, leaders and crises around the world including Europe, The Middle East, Africa and South America

What do I need for this class?

A notebook that can be turned in at the end of each marking period for grading.  It can be with other subjects and removed and turned in once placed in a folder or you can give me the whole notebook.  You will also get lots of handouts so use a folder or, better yet, keep your notes in chronological order as I hole-punch just about everything.

AGENDA BOOK or CALENDAR to keep track of when things are due.  A must for survival in or out of school.  Figure out what works for you and have it in my class (and all of your other classes).


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Knitting for Peace ClubKnitting and crocheting are part of history and  part of our present.  It is the art of our grandmothers and a slice of American (and other) culture.  My goal is to teach both staff and students how to knit and/or crochet with the understanding that new learners, as well as those of us who have knitted for some time, can give back through our love of knitting.  Beyond our personal projects we aim to donate to organizations including Warm-Up America, The Linus Project, hats for preemies and others. 

Warm-Up America:

Every Spring and Fall we will run a drive for Warm-Up America.  Simply knit or crochet a 7 x 9 inch "square" and send it (them) to me in the 9/10 building of SRHS.  I and other club members will use the squares to create blankets to donate locally.  All blankets will be counted with the National Organization, Warm-Up America.  Go to for more infomation on needle sizes, patterns and more.


****I will always accept knitted or crocheted squares for Warm Up America.   GO to for more information. Send to C. Neil c/o Southern Regional High School, 600 North Main Street,  or drop off in room 2-6 in the 9/10 bldg.***