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Helping Teens Grieve

Helping Teens Who Are Grieving

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Helping Teenagers Cope with Grief

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Dealing with loss is a difficult task that we unfortunately have to learn on our journey through life. Some students begin to learn about loss though the death of a pet or perhaps a distant aging relative. Although all loss and the grief that individuals suffer is significant, it would be nice if all students could begin to understand loss and grieving in situations that fit the pattern that we might consider the natural sequence of the "circle of life".

Unfortunately, many of our students are forced into grief situations surrounding the untimely death of a parent, sibling, relative or friend. If we could protect our kids from feeling the pain that loss brings with it, we all would do it. Unfortunately we cannot shelter them from experiencing loss. The best we can do is to attempt to help them through the process.

The grieving process is unique to each situation and unique to each individual person experiencing the grief. There is not one correct path in grieving and there is not one correct timeline. As a result, in order to help a student grieve it helps to understand the process and be ready for ways you can support them throughout the process.

The links on this page are offered as a starting point toward learning more about the grieving process and specifically how teens grieve.

We would also suggest that you reach out to the child’s counselor here at school. Counselors can help support the student here at school and help monitor any difficulties they are having emotionally and academically.