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Art is part of an elective cycle that prepares students for advancement into high school through the development of higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving.  Each marking period is a "mini-semester" incorporating a variety of art media and techniques such as: ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, and three-dimensional design.  The introduction to each of these forms of media includes the basic historical and cultural background that enables students to gain a true appreciation of every art form.

Through their works of art, students will understand the three main parts found in every work of art:  the subject, the form and the content.  The Art Department of SRMS believes that art is a very personal experience and expects students to put their best efforts into their work.  Students are required to reflect upon their achievements and areas in need of improvement.    

We at SRMS believe that all students can achieve success in the area of visual arts and gain creative knowledge to assist them in attaining future goals. 

New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards - http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/

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