About Us

Mission Statement

"The Southern Regional experience, a community partnership, will assure our students challenging learning opportunities that are shaped by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in order for them to become contributing members of society."

Belief Statements
We believe that:

  •  All students possess unique talents and will be challenged and successful.
  •  All students will feel comfortable in a safe, nurturing environment that is established through mutual respect, acceptance and a sense that everything is valued by all involved.
  •  Every student should have physical and emotional security in an environment that stimulates learning and recognizes each individual’s self worth.
  •  Motivation is an essential element of learning.
  •  Everyone wants to be, and can be, productive.
  •  A good education provides a foundation for a productive, well-rounded contributing member of our community and is the shared responsibility of parents, school and the community.
  •  The role of the community is to be informed and to provide facilities, materials and personnel in a spirit of cooperation.
  •  The school should provide comprehensive curricula which offer students diversity of choice in an environment which stimulates learning and growth.
  •  The district has the responsibility to be a good steward of the financial resources provided by the community.