Middle School

Cyber Bullying

Hopefully we have all begun to understand the dangers that come along with our advances in communication technology. For one thing, we know that there many inappropriate websites out there that we must help our kids avoid.

We also have been warned about the “predators” lurking out there hoping to take advantage our kids. These dangers are real ….and worthy of our concern!

There are also dangers that our kids face that do not involve “strangers” - but more likely their own “peers”. One of those dangers is a growing issue called “Cyber-Bullying”.

Cyber-bullying is just like any other bullying where a “bully” aims to hurt, embarrass and/or threaten the “victim”. There are differences though…

  • Cyber-bullying can take place 24hours a day (even while your son/daughter is in the protection of your home)!
  • Cyber-bullying can take place without the victim even know who the bully is!
  • About 50% of all kids report that they have been a “victim” of Cyber-bullying!
  • About 50% of all kids report that they have been a “Cyber-Bully” by writing mean and hurtful things about others in emails, texts or online.
  • And most kids that are Cyber-bullied NEVER tell their parents or ANY trusted adult!

The links on this page will take you to websites with a wealth of information on Cyber-bullying.

If you ever discover that your child is ever the victim of Cyber-bullying we ask that you be sure to let your child’s guidance counselor know about the situation.