High School Registration

New in town? Not sure what to do?

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Any new students wishing to register at Southern Regional High School may register in the Guidance Office. Please call for an appointment. The office can be reached at (609) 597-9481 Ext. 4316

ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS must have proper ID and, if applicable, Proof of Guardianship, such as court papers, notarized letter from parent giving guardianship to the person registering the student. They must also fill out a guardianship/residency form and have it notarized.

ALL Students:

Parents/Guardians MUST present the following documents:

  • student’s birth certificate
  • proof of residency (e.g. deed, rental agreement, utility bill with new address).

Parents/Guardians SHOULD also present the following:

  • copy of health records
  • copy of the transfer card
  • copy of previous report cards and/or transcript of grades

Waretown Students:

If you live in Waretown, you must obtain a “Tuition Waiver” from Waretown Board of Education Office before you can register your child here at Southern Regional.

To obtain the tuition waiver, please contact:

Frederic A. Priff Elementary School
139 Wells Mill Road
Waretown, NJ 08758
(609) 693-0360