Scholarship Information

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2021 Scholarship Program 

Parent Letter 2021 and Instructions 

As scholarship information arrives deadlines are updated throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

General Scholarship Information

As general scholarship (2020-2021) information becomes available, it is posted on the bulletin board in front of the Guidance Office. There are a number of scholarships that are currently posted.  Direct links to many of these applications are provided on the general scholarship list. It is important to remember deadlines when applying for scholarships. Be sure to check this list often during your senior year. If you have any questions, please see your counselor.

Our Outstanding Local Scholarship Opportunities...

Southern Regional is proud to offer a wide selection of Local Donor Scholarships 2021 scholarships to its full-time students and part-time OCVTS students. Through the Southern Regional Scholarship Program, every member of Southern’s senior class who is eligible (District Policy, 5467, Scholarship Program Eligibility  ) is encouraged to apply. In order to be considered for a local scholarship, seniors must complete and submit the online form. The deadline for submission is January 31, at 5:00 p.m.