General Information

Schedule Change

Decision-making responsibilities in the instances of requested schedule changes shall rest primarily with counselors. Normally a schedule change will be entertained only during the first two weeks of a semester. Changes made after the first two weeks of the semester shall result in a “WF” (Withdraw Failing) as a grade unless there are good and sufficient reasons approved by the administration. When a student is permitted to drop a course, every attempt will be made to fill that time period with another course.

Transfer and Withdrawal from School

Anyone wishing to withdraw or transfer from school may do so by reporting to the Guidance Office where his/her counselor will provide the necessary forms, directions and procedures. A parent/student conference is required at the time of transfer or withdrawal.

Working Papers

Working paper applications are available in the Guidance Office. Completed papers are to be submitted for processing before homeroom daily or upon the completion of the school day. Students receiving working papers for the first time must show their birth certificate at the time of processing. All information must be complete, including parent, physician and employer signatures. Click  here for the directions for completing the working papers.

Student Records

Pupil records are available to the parent, adult pupil and certain other persons in accordance with the procedures of this district and laws of this state. Student records are maintained in the following locations:

  • Guidance Office: cumulative record of academic progress
  • Attendance Office: record of daily attendance, personal data
  • Health Services Office: health history and physical exams
  • Assistant Principal’s Office: disciplinary record
  • Child Study Team Office: if applicable