Scholarship History

How local scholarship awards are selected...

The Southern Regional High School District Scholarship Program has helped many of our former graduates to continue their education at some of the best colleges and universities in the country. The selections of the awards are made in several ways: some by the donor organizations based on their own criteria submitted by the donor. The goal of the scholarship program is to recognize as many students as possible within the criteria. Graduating classes have been presented with awards over $528,530. The awards are presented by donor organizations from the community.


The Scholarship Program began with the Class of 1985 receiving over $58,000.00 in local scholarships that were awarded to members of the class who were continuing their education at various colleges, universities and trade schools. Since this initial effort, the program has grown to proportions not even we could have imagined. We currently have over 334 sponsors.

The past few graduating classes were each presented with over $567,058.00 in local grants. The awards throughout the years have enabled Southern Regional students to attend some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country while also providing help to students whose desire it is to attend local colleges, technical and trade schools. This program touches all students of the district and is invaluable in their pursuit of higher education.

This program is a model for high schools throughout the country because it is the community support that makes this a huge success. Rarely do you see a community that puts forth the effort that ours does in support of their students. They work tirelessly to raise funds for our students to provide opportunities that may not be otherwise available. It is through this community support that the Southern Regional Scholarship Program continues to flourish and grow.


Scholarship donors come to us in many ways. Anyone who wishes to become a donor is welcome and no amount is too small. In early January of each year, scholarship sponsors are asked to complete an information form that outlines the specific criteria for the award and also the amount, if that is known at the time. All donors have the option of making the selection of their recipient or turning that task over to the district scholarship committee. The local scholarship committee is a group of counselors, administrators and teachers who meet to decide awards based on the criteria developed by the donor. If the donor wishes to make the selection, we will provide any information that will help in their selection.

All seniors in the graduating class are eligible to receive an award if they have filled out the district scholarship application, which is distributed to them in January. Their information is collated by our scholarship office and made available to donors as needed. It is the goal of our scholarship office and committee to work with the donors and provide any assistance necessary in order to make this a great experience. Any interested party is urged to contact Kristie Prescott at 609-597-9481, ext. 4412 if they need more information on this wonderful program.