High School

Air Force Junior ROTC

Air Force Junior ROTC is more than a five credit elective course - it is a life experience. The objective of the course is to develop responsible, productive and informed citizens who will be future leaders, managers and supervisors. The course is available to any high school student grades 9 through 12. Students enrolled in this course are called cadets and are basically leaders in training. It is actually an operational organization with the same functions and mission requirements found in any Air Force unit or civilian corporation. Consequently, cadets get hands-on experience dealing with real life issues they will face in the military or civilian work force. There are people and resources to manage, meetings to attend, time lines to monitor, deadlines to meet, paperwork to accomplish and projects to plan, organize and complete.

Classroom sessions present cadets with exiting opportunities to learn about the history of flight, principles of basic aeronautics, space exploration and world geography. They'll also learn life skills such as human relations, racism, sexism, public speaking techniques, principles of leadership and functions of management. Cadets strengthen their character while living by an Honor Code and embracing values of integrity, courage, patriotism, competence, tenacity and service within a structured and disciplined Air Force format. Simultaneously, they will learn and carry out the traditions, customs and courtesies practiced in the Air Force. Finally, extracurricular activities such as drill teams, color guards, the military ball, field trips to various military installations including the U.S. Military and Naval Academies, and orientation flights on military aircraft round out the curriculum and give cadets additional opportunities to practice the skills learned in the classroom.

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