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Applied Technology

What Is Applied Technology?
Applied technology refers to people who prefer working with things and enjoy seeing the result of their hard work. Typically they use tools, machinery and equipment or cutting edge technology to bring their vision to reality.

The 21st Century Workforce Commission report to the U.S. Congress. concludes:

"We believe that the current health of America's economy depends directly on how broadly and deeply Americans reach a new level of literacy--'21st Century Literacy'-- that includes strong academic and business skills, reasoning, teamwork skills and proficiency in using technology."

Note the emphasis here goes well beyond simple proficiency in using technology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics concludes that "employment of computing professionals is expected to increase much faster than average [defined as 36 percent or more per year]."

At Southern Regional our technology curriculum prepares and encourages students to become leaders in the "21st century Workforce". Our curriculum introduces students to vehicle operation & repair, construction & maintenance, agriculture, computer literacy, networking, computer science, web design and computer programming. Throughout all our curriculum we strongly emphasizes teamwork and leadership skills.

All Southern Regional applied technology courses are electives and have the potential for improving the quality of individual lives. All students will find these experiences especially useful and fulfilling as they prepare for the high-tech age of the 21st century. It is recommended that every student take at least one course from this area while in high school.

New Jersey Student Learning Standards - https://www.nj.gov/education/standards/

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