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Physical Education

The Southern Regional High School Health Education and Physical Education Department offers a combination of three quarters of physical education classes, 1 quarter of health instruction or training in driver education. Students receive 5 credits for their participation in all four quarters.

The physical education classes provide a wide variety of co-educational activities designed to provide both physical fitness and a foundation in lifetime sports. A progression in skill level and knowledge of physical activities will be emphasized beginning in the freshman year and continuing through the senior year. A selection of team sports, individual and dual sports, rhythm and dance, and fitness-based activities are offered.

In the ninth grade, the students encounter a variety of activities on a seasonal plan of participation with an emphasis on developing fundamental skills. One marking period will consist of the Project Adventure Experience. Students in grades 10, 11, 12 participate in a Physical Education activity choice system allowing them to build upon the foundations of activities that were introduced to them as ninth grade students.

The Ninth Grade Southern Regional Project Adventure Experience includes the Ropes Course, a model renowned around the state. It provides a challenging and supportive atmosphere enhancing the development of one’s self-esteem, self-confidence, personal growth, and physical health. Students gain insight through a concrete task-oriented approach to problem solving.

During each year, one marking period is devoted to health education with the exception of the sophomore year when one marking period is spent in Driver Education Theory. In the health classes wide ranges of topics are handled dealing with both physical and mental health. Health classes stay abreast with topics affecting our complex changing society.

The Driver Education Theory class is a required course for 10th grade students. A driver simulator is used extensively to imitate actual driving conditions, and the students are prepared to take the New Jersey written test for a license.

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New Jersey Student Learning Standards - https://www.nj.gov/education/standards/

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