High School

Social Studies

The Southern Regional High School Social Studies Department offers a wide range of courses designed to introduce students to the varying cultures that have contributed to the development of the modern world. Students complete many types of assessments that include projects, portfolios, presentations, and other "non traditional" activities. The skills of reading, writing, public speaking, and critical analysis are woven together as a common thread throughout our diverse course offerings. In addition, the required curriculum is specifically designed to meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

It is the ultimate goal of the department to facilitate the development of important academic and life skills among our students. Students do not merely learn the important names and dates of historical events. Instead, course curricula stress politics, religion, government, culture, economics, geography, and technology themes. An emphasis is placed upon providing students with meaningful activities that allow them to cultivate important life skills in preparation for college, trade school, the military, and the work force.

Course Offerings include four ability levels of U.S. History I, U.S. History II, and World History. In addition, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics, Psychology and European History.

Specific levels of each course address a student's academic and educational goals. Honors and Advanced level courses are designed to prepare students for the academic rigors of college. Standard and Essential level courses are designed to provide similar preparation in addition to an emphasis on the transition into the working world.

Southern Regional's Social Studies Department also offers elective courses entitled Critical Issues, US Law and Society and Economics.

New Jersey Student Learning Standards - https://www.nj.gov/education/standards/

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