High School

Special Services

Individual education programs for students with special needs take many forms and include both in-district and out-of-district programs. At Southern Regional High School, several special education program options are available: In-Class Support, Resource Center, and Self-Contained.

The Compass Program serves students who benefit from a nontraditional school structure. This program is designed to meet the needs of those students who encounter difficulty learning in a regular class setting. Alternative methods and materials are utilized in order to encourage success, both academically and socially.

Current Teachers


      Compass Teachers

        Compass Paraprofessionals


          Supervisor of Autism Program

          Mr. Joe Dipietro 

          Supervisor of High School Special Education/Compass

          Mr. Jon White 

          Supervisor of Middle School Special Education/Compass

          Mr. Robert Schoka 

          Related Services

          Occupational Therapy

          Nahed Ayad

          Physical Therapy

          Sherill Chernesky

           Phone Contact: (609) 597-9481

          • Ext. 4339
            Mrs. Jenna Deller
            Professional Assistant
          • Ext. 4256
            Mrs. Erika Ferguson
            Professional Assistant

          Child Study Team Members

          • Paige Peragine, School Psychologist
          • Duncan Turner, School Social Worker
          • Sara Heitchew, Speech Therapist
          • Rachel Katsianis, Learning Consultant
          • Laurie Plenge, School Social Worker
          • Brittany Marks, School Psychologist
          • Megan Harrold, School Psychologist
          • Patricia Sauer, School Social Worker

          Autism Program Teachers

            Autism Program Paraprofessionals