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World Language

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Recognizing the need for students to function in a global marketplace in the future, the Southern Regional World Language Department strives to develop communicative proficiency and an understanding of the many cultures both in America and the world at large. It is no wonder that the motto of the department is, "A person who knows two languages is worth two people.”

In order to meet the mandate of the State of New Jersey that all students develop proficiency in a world language before graduation, the Southern Regional Middle School students study Spanish. An exploratory program of one marking period is offered in both the seventh and eighth grades. In addition, students can complete a full year of Spanish language study in the eighth grade with teacher recommendation.

At the high school level, language offerings are expanded to include French, German, Japanese, and Latin. Students may continue to study Spanish and/or elect to study a new language. Students who choose to study a full year of language in the middle school have the opportunity for a five-year program sequence through their high school experience.

Students enrolled in level 3 or higher of French, German, Latin, or Spanish may choose to enroll in the dual-credit program at Stockton University. Students who earn a C or better in the enrolled course will be awarded 4 college credits.

Language classes at Southern Regional are student-centered where students are actively involved in developing the communicative competence required to function in everyday situations. In addition, students learn about and experience many aspects of the cultures being studied. The integration of technology also provides students with opportunities to authentically experience the target cultures.

World Language Honor Societies Honor Society Membership Requirements 

March 16, 2021 - National Honor Society Induction In-Person for inductees/Live Stream for parents  

New Jersey Student Learning Standards - https://www.nj.gov/education/standards/

Languages Offered:

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Spanish

Current Teachers