Transportation Department

Southern Regional School Buses

Contact Information
 Telephone:  (609) 597-9481
Ext. 4343

Important Information on Late Buses
The Southern Regional Transportation Department will be running late buses during the school year. The scheduled times are 3:00 and 5:15 PM. This schedule will remain in effect Monday through Friday and may change due to inclement weather conditions, early dismissals and/or emergency school closings.

General Information
A majority of the students at Southern Regional are dependent upon the bus transportation to get to and from school. This means that a few reasonable and necessary regulations must be stated and enforced.

  1. Students should be on time at the designated bus stops.
  2. Good order is essential. The bus driver is the person of authority in full charge of his/her bus and shall be responsible for good order.
  3. The driver may assign to each student a definite seat which the student shall occupy subject to change by the Principal and/or the bus driver and/or the Assistant Principal.
  4. Students are to use seatbelts where provided.
  5. The bus driver will report unmanageable students to the Administration for disciplinary action.
  6. All school regulations are in effect on buses.
  7. Parents or guardians of students suspended from the bus are responsible for providing transportation to and from school.
  8. If a student needs a secondary bus stop please contact transportation. After the first two weeks of school, the district will approve secondary bus stops for school busses that have available seats. If a school bus does not have an available seat the district will be unable to approve a secondary bus stop.

Activity Buses
Students participating in athletics, band, vocational school or extra-curricular activities will be issued special passes. These passes shall enable them to ride buses at times other than the regular bus run. Students wishing to come in for make-up or wishing to stay late must obtain a special bus pass from the teacher or sponsor of the activity they are remaining for. Students are expected to remain with the teacher in charge in the designated classroom. All students are expected to promptly report to their extra-curricular or extra help sessions and document their necessity to being in the building with a pass. Remaining in the building without proper accountability or purpose and time will result in disciplinary action and/or reduction of privileges. A bus pass is needed to board the activity bus. Any student who leaves school property will not be permitted to ride the bus.

Student Parking
Only seniors and juniors are permitted to register their automobiles and drive to school. They are to park only in their designated parking area. No underclassmen will be permitted to register their automobiles. Registration forms are available in the Main Office. In each case, the owner’s registration card and driver’s license must be submitted for recording. Cars must display the SRHS parking permit. Permits may be purchased for $2.00 with parental consent. The permit is to be displayed on the driver’s side rear window. Any student found parking in a faculty parking place, parking without valid permit, or driving in a reckless manner while on school property will be subject to losing his/her parking privilege and/or having his/her car ticketed by the Stafford Township Police Department. Automobiles which are parked on Southern Regional property may be searched for drugs, alcohol or other contraband without notice from school authorities.

Student parking is a privilege. Any violation of school rules or Board policy may result in revocation of that privilege. Students failing to meet assigned disciplinary obligations or accumulating excessive absences or tardies may have this privilege withheld or revoked.