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National Honor Society

Please use this as a guide if you are a student who could potentially qualify for or show interest in the National Honor Society. Students are eligible for NHS starting the spring of their junior year.

The National Honor Society of Southern Regional High School is one of 15,000 NHS chapters in the United States. As such, it is governed by national as well as local standards. It is important to know that the NHS is not only an organization that recognizes high academic achievement but also one with a service component embedded in its structure. Successful candidates and members are held to the same high standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and service that are the criteria for selection.

Students need to begin to prepare now to meet the criteria for future NHS membership.

Selection Process

A five-member Faculty Council selects members of the National Honor Society in the spring of each year. Students who have earned a 93% GPA by February 1 of their junior year are invited to complete a Student Information Form. GPA is based upon grades earned from grades 9-11. Seniors will have a second opportunity to apply in the fall of the senior year, as long as their GPA is 93% or better.

Successful candidates will be those who also meet the following criteria:

  1. 1. Character: A positive role model of the traits of honesty, integrity, respect, and attitude.
  1. 2. Community Service: Due to Covid protocols students in the classes of 2024 and 2025 must show evidence of twenty-five (25) hours of volunteer service to the community. Beginning with the class of 2026 volunteer service hours return to fifty (50) hours. Service performed in the summer of the 8th grade year will be considered as 9th grade service. Equal hours of service do not have to be performed each year, i.e., 10 hours for grade 9, 10 hours for grade 10, but there should be evidence of service completed each year and preferably a positive progression of hours. Please note, there is a difference between volunteering and community service.  If you have any questions about service, please contact Mr. Brown directly at jbrown2@srsd.net.

We believe in a multifaceted approach that requires a wide variety of types of volunteer activities that serve the greater community.  Community service must provide a benefit to the greater good and extend itself beyond the boundaries of the organization that may sponsor it. Activities that do not extend beyond the limits of a club or organization cannot be counted.

See page 2 for examples of community service activities accepted and not accepted.  This is not an exact but rather some possible options.  If students have questions about service, please have them contact the NHS Advisor directly.

  1. 3. Leadership: Evidence of a positive attitude, consistent attendance, ability to meet deadlines, respect for self and others, punctuality, and adherence to school policies and rules must be shown. While students who have received administrative discipline for non-adherence to school policies and rules will not be permanently disqualified from membership, their application will not be considered until a probationary period has passed.
  1. 4. School Activities:   Students should be actively involved in at least two activities per year in the years prior to membership.  School activities may include, but are not limited to, marching band, sports, theater, Student Council, Interact.


  • Any event worked where admittance or registration fees are then donated toward an organization.
  • Teaching or assisting with CCD.
  • Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen
  • Sports camps outside of Southern where student is not receiving payment and providing service.
  • Southern Sports Camp where student athletes volunteer their time to assist with the kids and building the program.
  • Provided that it is not a requirement of the camp.
  • Community events where student provides a free service to the public.
  • Provided that it is not a requirement of a class.
  • If parent runs an organization, parent can sign off on community service with approval from NHS advisor.
  • Ocean County Library volunteer.
  • Southern Ocean Medical Center volunteer.
  • Volunteering at senior centers.
  • First aid / fire departments.
  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts community events for which no advancement is gained.
  • Beach Clean-up.
  • Mission/relief work projects.
  • Performing the regular duties of an event.  Ex. Plays – Usher/ticket taker.
  • Provided that it is not a requirement of Tri-M.

*** All Chowderfest hours will be capped at a maximum of 10 hours total. 

*** Relay for Life will be capped at 10 hours total.  To earn Relay for Life hours, you must have documentation of team meetings or fundraising activities.  You cannot earn hours by just attending the event.


  • Participating in Church/Mass.
  • Regular SRHS Club Meetings.
  • Any standard activity which is signed off by a parent.
  • Participating in school plays, musicals, or band performances.
  • Any events which occur during the school day.
  • Any hours accumulated which are part of the curriculum or grade for a class.
  • Service at a for-profit business.
  • Private babysitting.
  • Performing the tasks / job of someone else.
  • Any event where a student receives payment or any type of compensation.

Student information form and directions 

National Honor Society Application 

National Honor Society Community Service Verification Form