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“The service requirement for the Class of 2025 will be 50 hours. The service requirement for the Classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will remain at 25 hours due to the impact of the pandemic.”

The Helm Chapter of the NHS believes that with privilege comes responsibility and that the integrity of the organization is directly related to how well its members model its precepts. To that end, community service constitutes a major portion of the selection criteria. To be considered for selection, community service must meet the guidelines detailed below. We believe in a multifaceted approach that requires a wide variety of types of volunteer activities that serve the greater community.

No more than 25 hours may be accrued in any single service area as determined by the administration and faculty advisory council. If you earn 25 hours in a single area, the remaining 25 hours must show diversity in service. For example; if a student earns half of their hours while completing an Eagle Scout project, the other 25 must come from service outside of Scouting. The faculty council recommends that applicants show multiple areas of service. There is no limit to the number of hours that may be submitted however 50 is the minimum. Please include all of your hours on the application. No hours will be considered after the application deadline.

Community service must provide a benefit to the greater good and extend itself beyond the boundaries of the organization that may sponsor it. Activities that do not extend beyond the limits of a club or organization cannot be counted. For example, the sale of Girl Scout cookies benefits the troop, but not the community at large. Participation in Our Gang Players, while certainly worthwhile, represents the pursuit of a personal interest and therefore does not meet the criteria for community service.

Performing service for a commercial business will not be accepted. Volunteering to teach or coach for organizations that charge for profit is also not acceptable for service credit. This includes camps run by Sothern Regional coaches in the summer. School sponsored field trips do not count as community service. This includes trips taken during the summer. Activities that originate through a church sponsored youth group will count as long as they benefit the community at large.

Parents may not sign for community service hours without prior consultation with the NHS advisors.

Some acceptable examples of community service include but are not limited to:

  • Membership on a volunteer first aid or fire department
  • Volunteer work at SOCH
  • Aiding or assisting at any of the senior citizen centers
  • Community activism that generates awareness of an issue
  • Volunteer work for the Stafford or Long Beach Historical Societies
  • Volunteer work at the Ocean County Library
  • Participation in church activities that benefit the community (i.e. food drives, soup kitchen,)
  • Participation in scouting activities that serve the community (i.e. dune grass planting)
  • All Chowderfest hours will be capped at a maximum of 10 hours total.
  • Relay for Life will be capped at 10 hours total. To earn Relay for Life hours, you must have documentation of team meetings and fund raising activities. You cannot earn hours by just attending the event.

Any applicant that is uncertain of the status of a given service activity is urged to speak directly to Mr. Brown. This is the best way to avoid confusion and disappointment later on.

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