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The Southern Regional High School has long been recognized as an incredibly comprehensive, innovative, and challenging school system which prides itself in its multitude of programs, progressive initiatives, and boundless energy.  Driven by an extremely qualified and competent faculty, Southern Regional High School is determined to be a leadership force in education.

Southern Regional High School offers over 200 courses from which students can select.  The courses are designed to appeal to a wide variety of student interests.  Advanced placement courses are offered in English, history, mathematics, science, art, music and world languages.  Technology-related courses, from the traditional to the highly technical (electronics, graphics and photography lab, computer assisted design, programming and Internet), focus on problem solving, experimental design, and creativity.  The Health and Physical Education program aligns with the State of New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and places a strong emphasis on life-long wellness and intelligent lifestyle choices.  Project Adventure, an outdoor education program, and behind the wheel driver education are also offered.  Additionally, Southern Regional High School boasts an "Honor Unit" Air Force Junior ROTC program, which concentrates on aerospace science, leadership training, and community service.

The special needs of our students are addressed as well. We offer self-contained, resource, departmentalized, and in-class support. Alternative and ESL (English as a Second Language) programs are offered for eligible students.

In addition to the academic programs, Southern Regional High School offers students over 70 co-curricular and interscholastic programs.  We strongly encourage all of our students to participate in these worthwhile activities and believe in the benefits of active involvement.

Through the Guidance and Student Assistance Programs, Southern Regional High School provides opportunities and support systems which counsel and assist students in making choices that will direct them to a more productive and successful experience.

Southern Regional High School is a school "Committed to Excellence;" excellence in our faculty, staff, students and community.  To this end, we hope to construct a learning environment in which our students are encouraged to serve, challenged to grow, and empowered to succeed.