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Adults know that peer/friend conflicts among middle school students have always been part of the adolescent growth process; however, the specific parameters of behavior that extends past conflict and into bullying have recently been a focus of national conversation.

Clearly bullying behavior is unacceptable and not tolerated here at SRMS. When we are made aware of bullying events (or conflict situations), interventions are put into place that can include punishment, mediation, limiting contact, and/or counseling, among other things. Of course not every student issue needs to be reported, because often students are already empowered to work through situations using strategies previously learned or with help from friends or family.

Our concern though, is that some issues go unreported because the student is not sure about the types of help and levels of intervention that are available. To encourage students to seek help in these situations, we have increased the level of education and information we provide middle school students on the topics of conflict and bullying. One such program is created and presented by our peer leadership group (STYLE) each year. The 8th grade STYLE peer leaders go into 7th grade classes to present role-plays and give information on where to turn for help if you are using bullying behavior or are being bullied. Kids telling kids that bullying is not welcome here at SRMS is a very valuable tool in our quest to maintain a safe and welcoming school environment. Our day-to-day procedures and several special programs throughout the year support the climate of care we have set as our standard here at SRMS.

In addition, on the toolbar to the right students and families will find valuable literature on the topic of bullying, along with a number of direct links to a few other related resources.

If your child ever demonstrates bullying behavior or is being bullied, please be sure to reach out in a timely manner to your child’s guidance counselor for assistance.

"If we want to have peace in the world, we have to start with the children."