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Three Year Technology Plan 2013-2016

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District Student Media Release Form

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How to create a Maintenance Ticket

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The Southern Regional High School District is committed to providing its students and staff with exposure to technology as it relates to the district’s fundamental goals.  Specifically, the district believes that technology can be an effective tool across the disciplines in developing students’ skills in framing questions for investigation, acquiring information, analyzing and synthesizing data, and presenting results.

The district further believes that technology should be seen not as an end in itself, but as a tool for intellectual, social, and skill development and that thoughtful and long-lasting understanding is achieved more by what students do than by what they hear.

The district, therefore, accepts as part of its mission an obligation to provide its students with sequenced opportunities to develop technological competencies, to help students view technology as a useful tool in solving real-world problems and to encourage students to place knowledge and themselves in a global context.  Because we believe that truly transformational and transcendent use of technology will encourage inquiry-based, problem-solving, and reflective approaches; our program will emphasize the use of those teaching techniques for professional staff.

While courses in word processing, multimedia production, spreadsheet and database construction and information retrieval from the Internet will be offered, they will be taught only as a tool, and not as an end in themselves.  Participants will be asked to consider what it is that they want their students to know or be able to do, and how the use of technology can help to achieve those goals.