High School


Southern Regional provides one of the most diverse program of studies in the State of New Jersey. In an era when many schools are downsizing their course offerings, we hold fast the belief that you will benefit from a broad range of educational opportunities. If you should have questions about prospective courses, seek information from the teachers, counselors, and administrators.

It is our hope that each one of you will graduate from Southern Regional with the academic requirements necessary to help you in your post-secondary plans. That opportunity is available to each and every student that attends Southern Regional.

For some of you, those requirements will include receiving training and education in vocational and technical areas. The education and training you receive while attending Southern Regional may help you receive acceptance in a post-secondary technical school, or perhaps the opportunity for immediate employment after graduation.

You may also be taking courses that will prepare you for business opportunities, as well as admission to a two or four year college of your choice. No matter what direction you choose after high school, you need to develop a plan to help you reach your post-secondary goals.